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Is it cheaper to make herbal preparations or to buy them from the website?

That depends on the product, however most of our products are cheaper to buy from the website than to make, for the simple reason that we buy our herbs at wholesale prices in large quantities, and get free shipping. Some of our products such as salves are much cheaper to buy than to make as several expensive essential oils may be used which could cost over $100.00 to buy, excluding all the other ingredients. While it is fun to learn how to make herbal formulas it is not worth doing yourself unless you are doing it commercially or are going to use the same herbal formula for a long period. The time to make them also needs to be considered, and unless you have a lot of time to experiment it is usually not not worth the additional expense.

What is different about your herbal preparations?

We pride ourselves on using the very best organic herbs that have a high herb to menstrum ratio. Simple put, it means that our herbal extracts contain more herbs than other popular brands and hence better value. Most herbal formula’s use alcohol for extraction which deranges some of the phytochemistry of the herb, as well as destroying some proteins and amino acids. Alcohol also destroys the liver over time and can be a big concern in using for children. Many of the glycerin extracts also use alcohol before they use glycerin and still put on the label alcohol free.

How does LifeStart Clinics differ from other outlets?

Firstly, we make no apology for the fact that we are Christians, and our understanding of herbs comes from a Biblical perspective as well as a scientific approach. Most herbalists give credit to Mother Nature, we give credit to Jesus Christ who is over all nature. Because of our Christian beliefs, we also do not accept false spiritualistic concepts that originate in self worship. We also are intently interested in providing you with the very best natural remedies that have time-proven results. We are not just providing you with a product but with a service as well, and are intently interested in helping you achieve your personal health goals.

How long should I need to take a herb?

This may vary depending on the herb and the condition. Most herbs only need to be taken as long as the condition exists, however there are some exceptions to that rule. Nutritive herbs are an exception and should be considered in the same category as highly nutrient dense foods with large amounts of vitamins and minerals and can be taken long term without side effects on an ongoing basis.

Are herbs safe to take with drugs?

Herbs are a much safer alternative to drugs, however there is no substitute for common sense. Stay with herbs that have a good track record, and also have had good independent clinical studies done on them. I only use herbs that I can trust and so should you. If you are using a herb in conjunction with a medication you need to be very careful checking the herb drug interactions. It is advisable to consult with a medical professional when it using any herb that has a similar action to that of the medication. Herbs work best when taken by themselves, but when taken in combination with drugs can lead to serious side effects. Don’t do this by yourself and talk to someone who has experience in the field to help you.

What should I do if I feel bad after taking some herbs?

Herbs are similar to foods and what may prove a blessing to one, may prove a curse to another. It is a small percentage of people that have an adverse reaction to a herb, however it does happen and we need to be wise in knowing what to do about it. If you are using a safe amount of the herb and are getting worse, or your body is producing some symptom or symptoms then it is best to stop taking the herb and get a herbal consultation to assess why. God has given us many different herbs that produce the same result, so if one herb is not working well we have many more that can be used in its place. The important thing is to recognize what your body is doing and interpret the symptoms properly.

Will herbs work even if I have a bad lifestyle?

Herbal agents are not a substitute for a bad lifestyle and are not to be viewed an alternative to drug medication while we continue in abusing our body. Herbal agents may still benefit someone with a bad lifestyle, however they will work more effectively when we are living in harmony with natures laws. Trust in God, good nutrition, proper exercise, drinking adequate amounts of pure water, getting enough sunshine, restful sleep and practicing a temperate lifestyle are all very important parts of maintaining good health, and herbs fit very well into a healthy program.

How do I know what herb is best for me to take?

We are here to help you walk through that process. If you have a question we are here for you and are only an email or phone call away. Our business is to take care of you and make sure that you get the very best advice and personal attention you need. We are not just selling a product, we are offering you an ongoing service.

Is it best to take a herbal capsule, tablet or extract?

Herbal tablets and capsules are generally not the best way to take a herb. If you take a capsule or tablet then the body has to use gastric acid to extract the herbal properties. Many people have weak digestive acid, especially the elderly, however sometimes this may be necessary for people to take who are ingesting very bitter herbs. It is best advised (if you can) to take a herbal tea or extract. Extracts are more concentrated than herbal teas are do not require large amounts to be taken. However, there is a place for taking herbal teas.

What is a dropper full?

This is probably the most common question I get. When the bottle says dropper full it is referring to the amount of herb that can be held in the dropper 9 (also known as pipette). The amount that is commonly squeezed into the dropper only reaches to about a half of the shaft. THIS IS KNOWN AS A DROPPER FULL, and equates to about 30 drops of the herbal extract.


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