Within all of our bodies there is an army at work. As with the nations of the world, some of these armies are strong and some of them are weak. Some of them are ever vigilant for invaders; some of them fight the very country they were employed to defend. Those of us with strong immune systems are best able to ward off many invaders and thus stand a lessened risk of disease. Others have immune systems which rebel and attack the very bodies they were created to defend; we call these situations autoimmune disorders. Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis are among the autoimmune disorders. There are two main factors which determine the condition of our immune systems; heredity and lifestyle. There is nothing we can do about our heredity except take a warning from it, but we all can do much for our lifestyles which can not only improve our chances of avoiding the chronic diseases which plague our society, but can begin to reclaim ground lost in your heredity so that you will be able to pass on a better legacy to your heirs. So, without a long explanation on the wonders of the immune system (see the June 1987 issue of National Geographic for that), what follows will be a step by step explanation of how to strengthen the immune system. This program will be beneficial for those having the most ominous chronic diseases such as cancer and AIDS; and most of the principles will also be of benefit to those who are healthy and would like to remain that way.

  1. The objectives of our treatments are to improve circulation to and oxygenation of the cells, to change the intestinal flora with a high fiber vegetarian diet, to discourage cancer cell growth with hot baths, to stimulate the immune mechanism for cancer and infection resistance, and to combat toxins causing anemia and loss of appetite.
  2. The family and friends should have regular prayer for a miracle from heaven. Trust God that He is loving, forgiving, healing and comforting. Trust Him that every trial is for our development somehow, even when it appears destructive. When Jacob was wrestling with the angel, it appeared that having his thigh go out of joint was a terrible calamity which would disable him, and he would not be able to save himself and his family. But when his brother Esau saw the limp Jacob was left with, Esau became sympathetic and his murderous wrath ceased. The trust exerted stimulates the endorphin system, strengthening the immune system.
  3. The Ideal Diet – The diet should be totally vegetarian, leaving off all fats, all refined sugars, chemical additives, spices (but not herbs), and vinegar, majoring on raw food and fresh juices, especially carrots, and beets.
    1. Take two to three meals per day. Two are best. Never snack. Not a sip, or a taste or morsel between meals.
    2. Have a set time for meals. Establish regularity and regimentation as far as meals and sleep schedules are concerned.
    3. Read labels for irritants, harmful foods and additives such as vinegar, monosodium glutamate, pepper (black, red, cayenne, “hot”), baking powder and soda, animal products, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and allspice.
    4. Omit one to three meals weekly unless underweight.
    5. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables uncooked.
    6. Eat slowly and chew well.
    7. Cook grains and legumes thoroughly. Grain preparations such as cracked or whole kernel must be boiled gently for at least three hours. Rolled grains need l1/2 hours. Cooking grains in a good crock pot is helpful.
    8. Enjoy gardening, but do not work to the point of exhaustion.
    9. Omit liquid foods at meals except on rare occasions. Liquid foods are pops, juices, watery soups and other beverages. If juices are required in greater quantity than 8 oz, make a meal of them only, and sip them slowly, mixing well with saliva.
    10. Use frozen fruit blended with a little fruit juice, occasionally, as an ice-cream substitute on hot days.
    11. Shop at health food stores and produce markets that keep fresh food because of a rapid turnover.
    12. Let five hours pass between the end of one meal and the beginning of the next.
    13. Never use soft drinks, coffee, teas, medicines, chocolate. May use herb teas.
    14. Drink an 8 oz. glass of fresh carrot juice daily and sip it slowly at the beginning of a vegetable, not fruit, meal.
    15. Eat fresh carrots, grapes, cabbage, asparagus, brussels sprouts, beets, broccoli, dark greens, kohlrabi and cauliflower.
    16. Eat raw fruit or make fresh juice, including fresh lemon and grape or carrot juice. But don’t eat, or drink the juice of, both fruits and vegetables at the same meal. If possible, 50-80% of the meal should be taken raw. Asparagus and garlic have both been ascribed antiviral, anticancer qualities. Aloe vera has a carbohydrate which may slow down the reproduction of HIV and boost the immune system. Licorice root tea also boosts immunity.
    17. Frequently choose cooked grains or vegetables from the following list. These foods are selected because of their low phenylalanine and lysine content: Potatoes (white or sweet), Corn, Oats, Carrots, Buckwheat, Wheat, Rice, Barley, Millet, Rye, etc.
    18. Use immature legumes such as field peas or green peas not more than twice a week, as they are high in phenylalanine and lysine. Select only one at a meal.
    19. Use whole grain cereals or quick breads without sugar, baking powder or soda, or excessive salt.
  4. Teas (Antimicrobial)- (These teas should be taken continuously by those having a serious chronic disease.)
    1. Echinacea and Chaparral. Echinacea strengthens the immune system and Chaparral is an antibiotic. Put one heaping tablespoon of Echinacea in one quart of boiling water and boil gently for 30 minutes. Turn the flame off and add 2 tablespoons of Chaparral. Let this mixture steep for 15 minutes. Drink one cup first thing in the morning and finish the remainder of the quart throughout the day. This is one day’s dose. You must make the teas fresh daily; they lose their potency after 24 hours.
    2. Pau d’ Arco, Blue Violet and Red Clover. These herbs strengthen the immune system and cleanse the blood. Add 3 tablespoons of Pau d’ Arco to one quart of boiling water and boil gently for 15 minutes. Turn flame off, add 2 tablespoons of Blue Violet and 2 tablespoons of Red Clover to the Pau d’ Arco and let the mixture steep for 15 minutes.
    3. Do not use sweeteners in your teas. Though they are medicinal and may not appeal to your taste, the herbs were given to us by our Creator for healing. Drink them faithfully!
    4. Golden Seal and Aloe Vera may be used.
    5. Consider the herb teas as part of your 8-10 cups of daily water intake.
    6. The herb teas should be continued after the fever treatments stop.
  5. Evening Primrose oil – large doses (it incorporates into the viral membrane wall increasing the susceptibility to the fever treatments). Use up to 12 capsules a day during fever series.
  6. Use the most excellent hygiene – vegetarian diet, exercise, sunshine, regularity, early to bed, scrupulous cleanliness, orderliness, etc..
  7. Use of garlic: 4 capsules, 8 tablets or one to two fresh cloves taken 3 times daily at mealtimes.
  8. Give a 3-week course of zinc supplementation, 15 mg. per day.
  9. Cold mitten friction: This hydrotherapy measure can be done several times a day, as often as once an hour, as the energy of the patient or the availability of time permits. Use it at least twice a day. It is a good stimulant of the immune system.
  10. Use fever treatments (see method given below). An infant under three years of age should have the temperature very carefully controlled, bringing the oral or rectal temperature up to 103o F, but not holding it there. This may take only five to six minutes.
  11. Continue cold mitten friction after fever series.
  12. Take alternating hot and cold daily showers every morning or evening.
  13. Exercise should consist of walking and purposeful outdoor labor as much as possible. Other suggestions include the following:
    1. Swim.
    2. Split wood.
    3. Cycle: Stationary, three-wheeled, etc.
    4. Walk, walk, walk.
    5. Jog on padded surfaces as appropriate.
    6. Use rebounders (small trampolines), and simply bounce if your strength is not sufficient to jump.
    7. Do gardening.
    8. Spas are useful if you have no other exercise possibilities.
    9. Lawn care is excellent outdoor work
    10. Do exercises daily, progressively, religiously, especially light exercise after meals which promotes good digestion
    11. Get a minimum of 20 minutes, and up to 10 miles of walking daily. Exercise produces brain substances (endorphins) which “do good like a medicine.”
    12. If you do not feel like exercising, massage can help as it is “passive exercise.” Range of motion exercises can also help.
  14. Water is a cleanser and a healer, used externally and internally.
    1. 6-10 cups of water, as pure as possible, between meals each day. Regular bowel movements daily are very important. Two cups of very warm water upon arising in the morning are very helpful for this. Most of the water you need will be supplied in the form of the herb teas listed above.
    2. A daily bath is essential, personal hygiene is a must. Wear a clean change of clothes daily.
    3. Clean and neat living conditions and fastidious kitchen facilities are important.
    4. Fifteen fever treatments spread over three weeks constitutes one series of treatments. Give two series of three weeks each, pausing for one week after the first three weeks before beginning the second series. There should be five treatments in a week, but not usually more than one fever treatment per day for adults. Interrupt the treatment program every five days with a two-day rest. If the patient responds to the two series of treatments, in three months, using the same routine, go through another two series of the fever treatments.
      1. Use a hot bath of 108-110 degrees F. to accomplish this “Fever” or “Hyperthermia” treatment.
      2. Obtain 102-104 degrees F. orally and maintain it for 20-40 minutes, as tolerated.
      3. When the oral temperature goes above 100 degrees F. or the patient begins to sweat, keep the face and head very cool with icy cloths changed often.
      4. Keep the bath water 110-112 degrees F. while the oral temperature is 102-105 degrees F. Do this by draining off some of the cooling water and adding hot water.
      5. End the hot treatment with a tepid shower, brisk drying, one hour of bed rest with an ice pack wrapped in a towel on the forehead.
      6. Prevent chilling after the treatment.
      7. Abort the treatment if the heart rate rises above 160 in a person under age 50. Abort the treatment if the heart rate rises above 140 in a person over age 50. For more details on fever treatments see the book Home Remedies.
  15. Sunshine – A 20 to 30 minute sunbath daily would be helpful. It is adequate to expose only the face and arms. Always avoid the sun as much as possible between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., as it actually reduces the immunity.
  16. Moderation – God will supply power and help for all your needs once and for all: overeating, snacking between meals, indulgence of unhealthful habits (caffeine, nicotine, marijuana), purging, prescription or nonprescription drug usage, masturbation or other improper expressions of sexuality.
  17. Air
    1. Fresh, outdoor air. Avoid smog, motor exhaust, hydrocarbons, tobacco smoke, hairspray and other toxic substances.
    2. Keep correct posture.
    3. Keep sleeping rooms well aired, summer and winter, good weather and bad, being careful not to sleep in a draft.
    4. Spend more and more time out-of-doors.
    5. Take 20 deep breaths outdoors or near an open window 2-4 times per day.
    6. Blow up balloons to encourage oxygenation of tissues.
    7. Hike in the beauties of nature.
    8. Spend time out of cities as much as possible.
    9. Remember that prayer is the breath of the soul.
  18. Rest
    1. Establish regularity, routine, order and predictability of daily activities.
    2. Simplicity, quietness of living is the goal.
    3. Refuse consistent overworking or hectic pacing.
    4. Quit your overly stressful job and whittle various involvements out of your life.
    5. Prioritize your life with much prayer.
    6. Keep the Sabbath holy. God made the Sabbath for man and specially blesses those who commune with Him that day by spending every possible moment in Bible reading, meditation, prayer, and studying spiritual lessons in nature. You need a day of rest, and you also need the blessing of knowing that particular segment of the week is a memorial to man’s creation. We are that special to God.
    7. Rise and retire at set times. If you work afternoon or night shifts, change job assignments if at all possible.
    8. Omit TV, Rock n’ Roll, novels, love stories, idle talk, frivolity and any other neurologically exciting but depleting activities. Just as things we see can cause profound mental and emotional changes, so can what we hear. Give yourself every advantage.
    9. Learn to live simply, spending less money on yourself, more to help others.
    10. Refuse to defend yourself, argue, worry or complain.
    11. If you are not sleeping well at night, do not nap during the afternoon. You may take a short nap (less than an hour) before dinner.
    12. Try to have one day off each week besides Sabbath. Use this day for personal chores and private projects; this is not selfish. Your first duty to God and to others is that of self-development.
  19. Trust in divine power
    1. Reevaluate your relationship to God.
    2. Begin each day or end each day with a quiet hour or so alone with God in prayer and Bible reading.
    3. Keep your joys, thanks, needs, sorrows, sins, cares and fears before God.
    4. Talk to Him all day. Recognize that a divine being, a guardian angel, is always with you.
    5. Read Desire of Ages, Ministry of Healing, (Health and Happiness), and Counsels on Diet and Foods. These books may be obtained from an Adventist Book Center or a Seventh-day Adventist church. Take seriously any lessons learned, even if they seem unimportant.
    6. Participate in morning and evening devotions.
    7. Become a committed Christian anew every day.
    8. Accept the circumstances of daily life even if they are not what you may have planned or chosen. Everything God allows to come to you is an education, even the trials. If accepted graciously, all trials bring joy.
    9. Pray for God’s will to be done and do not insist on healing. He doesn’t heal everyone but He desires to save every living soul – all who give their full allegiance to Him. Have faith that God will accomplish the very best thing for your life.
    10. Be thankful, cheerful, prayerful. These attitudes produce the endorphins. These are merry hormones and happy chemicals that fight cancer and promote a sense of well-being.
    11. Consider an anointing service.
    12. You will need our Lord to help you make these lifestyle changes and to maintain them.
  20. Dress
    1. Wear simple, modest, healthful, clean and attractive clothing.
    2. Natural fibers and blends are best.
    3. Keep your limbs as warm as your forehead.
    4. Do not have more layers on the trunk than on the feet and calves.
    5. Wear no tight bands or restrictive garments, especially around the chest and abdomen. 


When Paul wrote, “The very God of peace sanctify you wholly” (1 Thess. 5:23), he did not exhort his brethren to aim at a standard which it was impossible for them to reach; he did not pray that they might have blessings which it was not the will of God to give. He knew that all who would be fitted to meet Christ in peace must possess a pure and holy character. “Every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible. I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air; but I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.” (1 Cor. 9:25-27) “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.” (1 Cor. 6:19,20)

A Suggested Meal Plan

Generous Breakfast: Fruit Meal
Breakfast main dish, Raw fruit, Other fruit, Whole grain bread, fruit, bread, or spread

Fruit meal: Spreads & Side dishes
Crushed Pineapple, Fruit Puddings, Apple Butter, Stewed Fruit Puree, Pear Butter, Thick Apple Sauce, Avocado 1/4-1/3, Fruit Leather, Olives 4-6,
Fruit Butter or Spread

Good Lunch: Vegetable Meal
Main Dish, Raw Vegetable or Salad, Cooked Vegetable, Whole Grain Bread, Side Dish or Spread

Oil-Free Spreads and Side Dishes:
Coconut, Seeds, Nuts and Peanuts, One Tablespoon Millet Butter or Avocado Spread

Gravies and Sauces:
Cream Sauce, Millet Spread, Nut Gravies, Tomato Catsup, Brown Gravy, Tomato-Pepper Puree, Bean Puree, Onion-Lemon Puree

(See the cookbook, Eat For Strength, Oil-Free Edition)

Spare Supper (or none)
Fruit or Fruit Sauce, Herb teas, Bread, Crackers, Cereal

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