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Dr. Lee Wellard’s Natural Remedies

We take your health personally.

LifeStart Clinics specializes in herbal extracts, herbal creams and herbal salves using the very best natural ingredients.

Our Formulas

Highly Effective—Superior Quality.

High herb to menstruum ratio

Our herbal extracts contain more herbs than other popular brands and hence better value.


We pride ourselves on using only the very best organic ingredients from non-GMO sources.

Alcohol free

Most herbal formulas use alcohol for extraction which deranges some of the phytochemistry of the herb. Not us!

Proprietary formulas

Our herbal formulas are hand-made right in our own lab.

Herbal Remedies Guide
Discover tips for examining the quality of herbs, preparing teas and salves, and the science behind natural herbal remedies. Get your copy today!
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